Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cloak progress

I've finally been able to get back to working on my cloak. The baby has been taking most of my time, so progress has been slow. I have now finished both tails and a few bits of the knot. The picture doesn't show the longest piece of knot that was finished along the left side.
Needless to say, this will not be finished in December.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Keeping Warm!

As the good Lady Melisende suggested, I have been keeping warm this week by keeping busy. Last month I warped my brand new Kromski harp with Green Shetland Wool. I warp 1.5" and 3 yards for a new apprentice belt. I have woven approximately 10" so far. I need to have the entire lenght done in the next few weeks as someone will be working on this loom at the Tapestry Weaving Workshop!

I did not weave for very long today, as I spent a lot of time transfering my weaving bookmarks into a Google Notebook. I am trying to figure out how to post the notebook on my purple lotus site. Until then anyone who would like to reference my weaving bookmarks can view the book here . I still have some other links that I compiled for the ID A&S site that I will be adding to this page over the next few days.

I hope to see what other members of the group have been up to soon! Thanks to Melisende for the fabulous Newsletter and to all those who have been keeping us up to date on their own projects.


Friday, 26 December 2008

I have finally finished the second sleeve for my blue linen dress. I'm hoping to have the dress ready to debut at Midwinter Coronation!

I am also hoping to get opinions on which version of documentation you think is better. I have done two, which vary slightly in aspect. The first is my project journal created through Notebook . This is more documenting the dress as a whole.
The second I wrote up in Google Documents and is just in regards to the embroidery

I would appreciate any comments on which you think is the better format and better documentation. Thanks, Jahanara

Monday, 22 December 2008

Greetings to Everyone,

We have now come to the end of the first year IDFAIG has been in existence and I thought it would be a useful opportunity for a retrospective on the work done this year, since the groups inception. And what a tremendous amount of work has been done!

On the 30th March the Blog was launched by MoAS Jahanarabanu Vivana with permission from the Kingdom MoAS and Their Majesties of the day, Svein and Jovi. Artisans of ID were quick to sign up and show support. The following are highlights taken from entries and activities to date.

- Lord Gilbere is obviously one to keep an eye out for good supplies as he posted several times with information regarding good sources for fibre and dyes. Lady Jenny of Cranbrook was also on hand with period references on dyes and their origins as was THL Jahanarabanu. In fact Lady Jenny hosted a Dyeing weekend in July.

- Lady Estrid made herself available several times to give good advice on weaving glitches that people were facing. Most of us have seen the wonderful gown made from fabric that she herself had woven. She also gave classes at Kingdom University along with the Lady Rose. Lady Julian also showed us some of her dyed and hand-spun work as well as some wonderful Bayeux-style embroidery done by Lord Maredudd. Lady Julian has also set up her own hobby website and has posted instructions on drop spinning there.

- A Challenge was issued at the beginning of the summer, for artisans to make some form of regalia for ID. THL Jahanara kept us up to date with her Principality cloaks which have progressed quite far. The painted Heraldic banners which were created with the help of the talented people from the Shire of Thamesreach, were on display in the Hall at June Coronation which was held in ID. It also seems as if our good Lady MoAS has been kept busy non-stop creating wonderful tablet woven prizes for A&S competitions. She has catalogued several such projects.

- So many people in ID must be wandering around with wonderfully embroidered sleeves and cloaks and necklines. We were privileged to be able to observe the progress of these projects that were truly awe-inspiring even before being finished. The skill with which they were executed was a truly great testament to the talent in these Isles. The great cloak project being undertaken by Baroness Siubhan will be a really wonderful piece of textile art once it is finished.

- IDFAIG held its first display at Raglan Castle at the beginning of September. We were privileged to be able to display projects made by most of our members, namely (as extracted from the report by THL Jahanara):
Lady Estrid for her time at the tent and her incredibly clever weaving sampler, cunningly made from project cut offs!
HE Mary Frost for her time at the tent
HE Sagadis for displaying her woven cloth, spinning and knitting
Lady Marian for her time at the tent hand spun and naturally dyed balls of yarn and her spinning demonstrations and teaching!
THL Genevieve for displaying her wonderful knitting, based on Eleanor of Toledo's stockings. These were admired by many members of the populace.
Lady Alice for her naturally dyed yarns and time at the tent
Duchess Alessandra Melusine for her braids and braiding demonstration
HE Siubhan for displaying her wonderfully embroidered sleeves

Not only did this display impress fellow subjects of ID and the wider kingdom, but also passing members of the public spent some time admiring the handiworks displayed. Well done all round for proving what a talented bunch you all are!

Things to Look forward to in the New Year.

- Tapestry-weaving weekend at the Newmarket home of the ID MoAS Jahanarabanu Vivana, on the 30th Jan – 1st February. This has a 7-student limit, so please contact her as early as possible to book your slot.

- The first ID University will be held at Protectors in the Spring. Don’t miss your chance to teach a class at this historic event. You all have a skill that you can teach others, so that by our combined effort, ID can retain its reputation for fine artisanship in the Fibre Arts.

- Work on Projects for the Kingdom Pennsic Gift Basket. Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz has issued a call for small items to be made for the Kingdom gift basket. This gift basket will be exchanged with another Kingdom’s at Pennsic War next summer. The gifts must be small for transportation reasons. All donations will be gratefully received.

New Year’s resolutions.

With long nights and short days, the winter months are an ideal opportunity to tuck yourself up somewhere warm and work hard on using all the wonderful fabric and fibre that everyone has been making or accumulating over the summer, or to work on embroidering that plain gown you have had your eye on, or generally work towards projects that inevitably fall by the wayside in the glut of summer events.

I therefore look forward to seeing progress reports on all the wonderful work that everyone is doing. And if you want to make a New Year’s resolution – please let it be to post, post and post lots of lovely entries on the IDFAIG blog and allow us to gasp at your skill.

I hope you all have a wonderful festive Christmas holiday and a great start to 2009, and I will hopefully see you sometime in the New Year.

Best wishes to all,

Melisende Fitzwalter
IDFAIG Group Leader

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Amazing progress!

Well I have been back in the States for a few weeks, and needing to keep my mind off things. So I've made a great amount of progress on my sleeve project. I will have it completed by the time I return to ID. Here is what the finished half looks like:

I'm really pleased with the progress I've made and can't wait to complete this project. I have four red swirls left to go!


Friday, 14 November 2008


Well I'm making progress on my challenge! I've finally acquired all the fabric I need and have begun working on the cloaks themselves! I've got the wool all cut out. I have both suns and moons cut out as well. I got the first sun pinned on the first cloak last night! Take a look!

How is everyone else doing on their challenge?

More Sleeve Progress

Wow! I've been on a real binge lately! I can't believe I managed to get all the green filled in at last! I'm 2/3rds the way there now! I did so much embroidery this week that even after two nights rest my bicep still hurts! All well it's worth it. I really hope to have this done for Yule Ball and a lot of progress done on the ID Viceregal cloaks. Most days I wish I could stay home from work and just craft! Ah well such is life. I'd appreciate any comments.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

New Research Notes Posted

I've just added another page of notes from my visits to the Victoria & Albert Textile Study Room. This page focuses on 7th C Persian textiles, with a few earlier pieces.
These notes can be found on my website .

I hope many of you find this information interesting.


Sleeve Progress

I've been working right along on my 2nd sleeve cuff. I showed the first sleeve to some friends who were over Sunday night and the difference in my embroidery ability really shows in these two sleeves! The one that is already complete used to look really good, now compared to the one that is in progress, it looks OK. As I've already done the "first" one twice, I don't think I'll be redoing it yet again. I'll just let this garment be a living testament to the growth in my embroidery skill!

Here's the one in progress (half way there!):

Friday, 7 November 2008

Pennsic Gift Basket 2009

It is time to start thinking about how we can, as a group or individually, contribute to the Gift Basket that our Royals will exchange with another Kingdom at Pennsic! I have offered to coordinate the ID efforts and pass along updates to Mistress Kathryn. I would love to see members of this group working together to create items that highlight this group’s skills.

This may be an item where the thread is all hand spun by one person, dyed by another and then woven by a third! You could also make some gloves, as Mistress Kathryn suggested. The gloves could be embroidered by one our members and sewn by another! There are many interesting possibilities.

If you plan to contribute to the gift basket please let me know! Any items completed and delivered by Double Wars will be displayed that week. As you plan your projects, please keep in mind that these things need to fit in the stringent luggage requirements! If you have an idea, but would like opinions on it’s suitability, please post your idea to the blog!



Challenge Update

Greetings IDFAIG!
I have finally acquired all the materials I need for my challenge item. I have some lovely black and blue wool and gorgeous yellow linen. I will be making some warm winter cloaks for the ID Viceregal Couple. These are not meant to replace the lovely brocade cloaks, just to give a warmer option for cold days/nights.

I have the cloaks cut out, and the sun template made. I hope to get the suns cut out and begin appliqueing them on this weekend after Kingdom University. I hope to see many of you there. I will only be day tripping, and will spend much of my time in the 3 weaving related classes!


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tapestry Weaving Weekend Invitation

You are invited to the “House of Many Looms” for a 2-day intensive
Tapestry Weaving Workshop! We will begin, Friday evening, with a basic
discussion of weaving including the different weaving methods and when
and where each was used. Followed by a hands-on sessions on Saturday
during which you will focus on the basic Tapestry Weaving techniques. I
have already warped each of my large looms. There are also student looms
that you may use for your own projects and can take with you. We will
also hold evening discussions regarding weaving techniques and you’ll
have the opportunity to ask your fellow weavers questions. For those who
are brand new to weaving a Weaving Basics document will be provided in
advance to help you learn basic weaving vocabulary (please request this
in your RSVP if you need it). This will allow us to get right to the
hands on sessions!
I also have inkle looms, tablet looms, a two 4-harness table looms
(which will be warped for tapestry weaving), a 4-harness floor loom and
an 8-harness loom. Now I obviously can not be working on all these looms
at once, so I invite you to come use them.
When will this workshop take place you ask? 30 Jan. – 1 Feb.
Intensive Sessions:
Hands On Sessions
• Tapestry weaving- 2 looms ready to go, there will be a cartoon to
follow and weft threads at the ready! There will also be 9 cardboard
student looms for individual take home projects.
• Weaving ‘Round the Table: This will be an evening discussion on
weaving, bring thoughts, questions and answers!

Proposed Schedule:
• Arrivals & Diner!

• Breakfast
• Intensive Sessions:
Tapestry Basics & History
Project Planning
Project Implementation
• Break for Lunch- feel free to break for coffee/tea/beverages as you
wish throughout the day.
• Hands-on Sessions Continue
• Dinner
• Weaving ‘Round the Table

Sunday- departures as necessary
• Breakfast
• Hands-on Sessions Continued
• Break for Lunch
• Hands-on Sessions Continue
• Dinner- Weaving ‘Round the Table Continued

Where? Contact Jahanara for details.

What should I bring? Yourself and any weaving projects you wish to work
on, or for which you need help and advice.

How many people can attend? Due to the nature of this workshop, there
will be a 7 student limit. We have beds for 6, if people don’t mind
sharing the two double beds. We also have plenty of other crash space on
couches and the floor. So please RSVP early to guarantee a bed!

Please RSVP by 15 Jan. 2009
RSVP’s should include the following information
Approximate Arrival Time
Preferred Train Station (If traveling by train)/ Pick up arrangements.

Suggestions/Request/Items you would like help with during the workshop

Newsletter - Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group - November 2008

Greetings to Everyone,

Kingdom University is almost upon us and there is a nice selection of Fibre-related classes on offer including Tapestry Weaving and Rigid Heddle Weaving, Costuming, Woven garment edgings and embroidery. I am sure that those attending will learn a lot and those teaching will be equally rewarded. For those not yet aware of the classes, the list is here: . For those still undecided whether to teach a class at the First ID University in the Spring, why not use this as an opportunity to see the various ways in which classes can be taught.

If anyone missed the chance to visit the Living History Fair on the first weekend of November remember that there is another one on the weekend after Kingdom University. The Original Re-enactor’s market will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th November:

The ID MOAS Jahanarabanu Vivana will be running a Tapestry weaving weekend at her home in Newmarket on the 30th Jan – 1st February. This has a 7 student limit, so please contact her as early as possible to book your slot. If you missed the email announcement, please contact her on for more information.

The new Janet Arnold book is finally published and available for purchase. All those interested in 16th century underwear and accessories should find this book of great value.

The Medieval Archaeology Journal have published their back issues on the Archaeology Data service website. The journal was first published in 1957. These scanned copies include papers and articles on subjects such as “Early Anglo-Saxon Gold Braids”, “Horizontal Loom at Novgorod” and the enticing “Haberget: A Medieval Textile Conundrum”. The online journals are free to access for personal and educational use and the portal can be found here

Request for Input:
This is your newsletter and a way of disseminating information. It would be great if people would like to do short book reviews or a paragraph or two on any other fibre-related subject that they would like to write about. Alternatively if you have a snippet of news of interest to the group, or have seen something fantastic in a museum or stately home, please share! Please email me by the 1st of every month.

IDFAIG Advert:
Below is the image going into the Baelfyr to raise the profile of the group. At the moment it just has a generic image as we do not have our own device or anything of that nature. It will start running in the December Baelfyr, so if anyone has any comments or objections, please let me know as soon as possible.

Yours in Fibre Happiness,
IDFAIG Group Leader

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Call for Teachers ID University

Greetings unto the ID Fibre Arts Interest Group,

I am writing to ask each of you to teach at the First Insulae Draconis University. The University will be held in conjunction with March Protectors. I already have many fine instructors scheduled, but still have 20 class slot available.

IDU will be held 20-22 March in the Shire of Flintheath. More information on this event can be found at This historic event will provide us an opportunity to see our new Protectors and increase our own learning. HOwever we will only be able to increase our knowledge if there are artisans who are willing to share their own knowledge.

This is a great opportunity for you to help increase the Artistic Prowess of our splendid Crown Principality. If you are interested in teaching, please contact me.

Yours In Service,
Jahanarabanu Vivana

Monday, 13 October 2008

A&S entries question

Dear All

I would like to know, is it possible to enter an A&S project jointly with another person?

Many thanks,
Julian (Marian).

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Newsletter - Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group - October 2008

Greetings to Everyone,

IDFAIG held their first Display at the event of Ffair Rhaglan in early September. As reported by the ID A&S Minister The noble Jahanarabanu Vivana, it was very well attended and also very well received. There were stunning works on display and evidence of the very real talent in ID and in this group. I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating and making it a success. Even members of the public were appreciative of the works. It would be great to see more of this type of display at events as it really helps to inspire people to attempt things for themselves that they otherwise might not even contemplate doing. My list of “things to learn before I die” continues to grow with every display.

Upcoming A&S-heavy Events:
I sense that a large number of you are gearing up to either teach or learn at Kingdom University. This is an event that is hosted in ID only once every 3 years, and not all of us can follow it around the Kingdom, so this is an excellent opportunity to either showcase your knowledge or learn from those who do not often visit our shores. It could also be a chance to ask specific questions that perhaps you have been unable to answer yourself, or learn that elusive final step towards finishing that project, or maybe just gaining in confidence when you realize that you really do know as much as you hoped you did.

And in achieving that confidence, please consider teaching a class at the first ID University next spring. After showing off what you can all do for several months, it will be wonderful to then offer people the chance to learn how to do it. With my tongue firmly in my cheek and my fibre-arts hat firmly on my head, and if the class-list for Kingdom University is the shape of things to come, we can’t let these inky scribal-types outdo us!

IDFAIG Challenge:
From the parliament held at Raglan Castle, it appeared at least from those attending, that the reaction towards the possibility of ID becoming a full principality, was positive. While not wishing to pre-empt the outcome of the vote, I would like to say that this is the perfect time to see if there is any regalia lacking for Insulae Draconis. Whether we forge ahead or remain constant, additional items of regalia, or tokens to give out to the deserving are always welcome and can only enhance ID. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a project that would serve their region, to consider doing something of this nature.

As if watching the astonishing works and progress of all of your projects, whether on the blog or in real-life at events, was not enough. I would like to showcase a tapestry weaving project recently finished by Lord Rakonczay Gergely from Aarnimetsa. Even more wonderful is the sequence of photos he has posted illustrating the progress of his project. You can view it here:

For those who are interested, Lord Rakonczay will be teaching a class on Tapestry Weaving at Kingdom University.

I hope to see many of you this weekend at Viceroy Tournament.

Yours in Service,
Melisende Fitzwalter
IDFAIG Group Leader

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The great cloak project

The last time I posted about the cloak I'm working on, the decision had yet to be made as to whether I was going to fill in the large design. We decided to fill in the cloak and now with some of it filled, I'm very happy about the decision. It's going to look great when finished. I just don't know how many years down the road that will be. I'm sure that with the baby due towards the end of the month, that my progress will be slowed down. Here is what it currently looks like:
The two heads:
These will be seen one over each shoulder on the front.

The tail:
I have only one tail finished at the moment and am working on the other. I'm finding that I don't like filling in circles with embroidery but now that the heads and this tail are finished, I only have the two circles on the other tail to do. After that, the stitching will be much straighter. These tails have been modified from the original design. My husband had decided that he likes these better than the original. They are quite similar to one of the tails in the original. The bit of red at the bottom of the picture is part of the neck carried over from the front of the cloak. The heads and tails aren't very far apart and were actually switched around from the original design to put the heads on the front of the cloak.

I like how following the outline of the design in my stitching has created a bit of a design within the heads and tail. It gives it a bit more distinction than just being a solid colour with no texture.

I realized after drawing the tails out that they don't really look like they fit the bits that lead out to them, but the original was like that too, it's just that the centre base of the tail is a bit more pronounced in this than the original.

Monday, 29 September 2008


I just wanted to post a link through to the recently completed tapestry by Lord Rakonczay Gergely. If anyone fancied seeing a proper woven tapestry project, then this is an excellent example of what can be achieved.

....and a chance to gasp in wonder!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

First Display a Success!

I just wanted to thank all the members who brought items for the Raglan Display. We had an enormous outpouring of support for the display, which was greatly appreciated by visitors. The A&S Tent drew in many interested members of the public. I especially want to thank those who gave of their event time sitting and working at the tent. I know we all chatted with various different members and did our part for making Raglan a recruitment tool.
I would like to take the time to thank each member individually for their contribution, so here goes!
Thank you to:
Lady Estrid for her time at the tent and her incredibly clever weaving sampler, cunningly made from project cut offs!
HE Mary Frost for her time at the tent
HE Sagadis for her displaying her woven cloth, spinning and knitting
Lady Marian for her time at the tent hand spun and naturally dyed balls of yarn and her spinning demonstrations and teaching!
HL Gynveive for displaying her wonderful knitting, based on Eleanor of Toledo's stockings. These were admired by many members of the populace.
Lady Alice for her naturally dyed yarns and time at the tent
Duchess Alyssandra Melusine for her braids and braiding demonstration
HE Siubhan for displaying her wonderfully embroidered sleeves

I am not sure that I have accurately thanked everyone for their time at the tent, as I was not there Sunday. So please forgive me if I missed out on thanking you for your time. Please know that all your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I hope to continue to set up A&S Tents or "Teas" at any events I attend. I think this was an excellent way for us to get together and chat with other artisans. I learned loads from my time at the tent with Lady Estrid and am armed with the necessary information to revisit my rigid heddle brocade project! I hope everyone had a similar experience!

Jahanarabanu Vivana, ID MoAS

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Many Fibre Arts Today!

Today started as a sleepy Sunday, but did not stay that way long. I went downstairs about 1300 and popped in Order of the Phoenix, ok it was already there! During the movie, I enjoyed a nice sugar free swiss mocha and finished three treadling repeats! That means I wove another 6 inches and moved the warp along again! The last week has seen this done twice, so I've woven a foot in the last week. If I keep this up, I'll have an entire yard done by the end of the month. Continuing this same amount of progress, I'll have the two yards I need for this section done by the end of October! I'm really hoping that I can keep this up and get the next section on the loom by the end of this year. I need three sections total. I know this section will take the longest, as once I get this done I should have everything down pat!

But wait there's more, I actually got these six inches done in less than 2 hours. I also hemmed Lady Salonge's cloak, so it is effectively done! I say effectively as I've just embroidered her sun-in-splendour on the back. We've talked about adding her lion on each side at the bottom later. I think we'll probably work on this summer '09 when she doesn't need to be wearing it often!

Finally, I also finished the outline on the second roundel for Odo's hood! I also took the paper pattern off the fabric. I tested a new theory on how to do this. I sparyed the paper down thoroughly, which made getting the paper off go much faster. I think this is a good option for designs that don't have very intricate lines, but I think for many of the other roundels, the dry method will work better. This is due to the fact that the wet paper and silk are difficult to separate in very small areas, such as around the calon cross and the axe heads.

I hope you will all forgive me for not having photos of all this progress, as I've been busy completing stages of projects!


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hobbly Website

For those of you not on LJ, I have created a hobby website. So far it only has my drop spinning instructions on it, but I will add more over time. Any comments gratefully received.

Marian X

Newsletter - Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group - September 2008

Greetings to everyone,

Welcome to the first Newsletter for the Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group.

The IDFAIG held its first meeting at the recent Spring Viceroy Tournament. There was a most encouraging number of people who attended. Not all of you have joined the blog. Please consider doing so and letting us know about the great efforts and beautiful items that you make. Please email me for an invitation to join the blog. Future newsletters will only be sent to members of the blog as it is a convenient way to maintain contact info for group membership.

The first display of work by members of the group will be held at Raglan Fair (11th – 14th September).

I encourage you all to bring a project you are working on, in order to display it. It doesn’t have to be finished, or even close to finished, it also doesn’t matter if it is something that you have displayed elsewhere, there will always be folk who have not yet seen it. The aim of the display is to showcase the work of members of the group and to increase its profile with the idea of broadening the group into a place where people can find support and expertise that will help them develop their own skills.

Please also consider bringing along some small tokens that you can leave next to pieces of work that you admire. We all thrive when encouraged and appreciated and this is a practice that will help foster the Fibre arts and encourage new people who might be nervous of showing their work.

Share your Knowledge:

All of you have got your own area of expertise that you are known and admired for.

I would therefore encourage you to share your knowledge and skill by writing a short article on it. It can be as specific or as broad as you like, the aim is to introduce it to people who might not know about it. It would be wonderful to publish it on the blog and to have a series of articles as a resource that people can refer back to. You could also consider publishing it in the Baelfyr, thereby reaching even more people.

But why stop there? The new event of Insulae Draconis University will be held for the first time next year. What better occasion to show off the multitude of talents of the folk in this region? Enrich this principality by teaching others how to improve their experience within the SCA. This is a historic step in the development of ID and a chance to say “I was there, at the very first one”. Scared of teaching? Never done it before? Do not fear, people will be attending your class because they want to learn. Think of it as a sharing of ideas among equals and a discussion where you demonstrate certain skills. No-one will expect you to be able to answer every question on the subject.

If you do decide to teach a class, please contact the Insulae Draconis MoAS Jahanarabanu Vivana on

IDFAIG Challenge:

Please do not forget the IDFAIG Challenge, to make regalia for the Crown Principality. Banners, tokens, tabards, pouches whatever it may be, please let us know about your work. This is a very noble cause wherein the ID artisans put their skills to the service of our Islands earning glory and honour for themselves and for Insulae Draconis.

In other news:

The new (and final) Janet Arnold book “Patterns of Fashion 4: The cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear and accessories for men and women c. 1540 - 1660” is now available for pre-order from Amazon at a discounted price of £15.00.

Last but not least, please continue to post pictures and information about your projects to the blog: it is most inspiring and encouraging to see the wonderful work you are all creating.

If anyone has any questions about the blog, the group or any of the above subjects, please do not hesitate to contact me on

See you all at Raglan Fair.

Lady Melisende Fitzwalter
IDFAIG Group Leader

Monday, 1 September 2008

Productive Holiday

Yes today was a bank holiday Monday for me, I know we're a week behind, such is life. I did however have an extremely productive holiday. I spent much of the morning in a wonderfully peaceful weaving session. I wove about 10" on Odo's cloak fabric, before fate struck. From the very start the rhythm was a dream. This sessions was a smooth as silk, which is saying something when you're working with wool! The shafts changed with ease, the boat shuttle sailed across the perfect tension that was effortlessly achieved! I got about an hour and a half in, when three of the lights above my loom went out at the same time! I sighed and finished the treadling repeat. It is very difficult to weave all black fabric with so little light though. I do have a fantastic art lamp, but it is currently upstairs, so I can work on Odo's hood embroidery. Alas the cloak will again be put on hold, until I can replace the lights. It shouldn't be too long before I get back to it though, since this session went so well I'll be more motivated to get back to it.
This project has been a fight thus far. Now that we seem to be in sync, I am ready to work on it regularly!

Happy crafting everyone,

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I have written some notes on how to drop spin (so that I don't have to worry about copy right etc). I was hoping to post them here and ask for critique but can't do that as it is a word document with pictures in it. I can email the document if any of you nice people have the time to help me. Marian / Julian

Friday, 15 August 2008

Dear All,

This is just a clarification regarding the Challenge to make regalia items for Insulae Draconis, namely that the deadline will be the time of our transition to full Principality. I would hope that this will give us all time to identify what is needed to increase the prestige of ID so that all will be in place for that momentous occasion.

Melisende Fitzwalter
Group Leader

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Help needed!

Hello everyone,
I need some urgent help finding dye supplies. I need to find a store that I can visit to pick up some steam set silk dyes. I need to be able to actually go in to pick it up as I need to match the other dyes being used in the project. If anyone has any suggestions in the London or Suffolk areas, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Monday, 4 August 2008

My new project

My next project is another set of sleeves for another persian robe. I have completed the outlining on one sleeve and have started filling it in. I realize that how I did the outlining made it a bit confusing as to which colours went where, but now that I've got some filled in, it is clearer.
Here is a picture of the progress I have made so far. This project is my summer project as I've not felt like having the cloak on my lap much. Even if my husband decides to have me fill the pattern on his cloak, it may have to wait until cooler weather.

The fabric is a very soft blue wool that I absolutely adore. The design is being stitched using a fine silk. I'm very happy with how it is going so far, especially since I'm doing much better at keeping the stitches smaller and much neater than my last set of sleeves.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Cloak pictures

I am finally able to post pictures of the cloak with the outlining finished.

It's being held a little crooked here, but you can see most of the design.

Here is what it looks like without being held out. It's a bit difficult to see what the design is.

The original plan was to fill the design using red silk. We now have the silk, but he is not sure if he wants it filled or not now that he's seen the outline. I decided to do a bit of a test to show him what it would look like. This is the test I finished this evening. I want him to see it in natural light before making any decision. I'm not sure myself what will look better, but I tend to lean towards filling it.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Cloak progress

I have finished the outlining of the design on Lutr's cloak. See the other entry under the label Siubhan for pictures of the partially completed cloak. Once I find a way to connect my camera to my computer again, I will post pictures.
The decision has yet to be made as to whether I will fill the design with colour or leave it with just the outlining. I think either will look fine. The plan is to do a test piece to see what the filled pattern will look like.

Since the weather has been warm, I haven't felt like keeping the cloak on my lap to work on, so I've started my next project which is a pair of embroidered cuffs to go on another of my Persian robes. The fabric is a lovely blue wool. I'm using a fine silk for the embroidery. The design is actually a Turkish design, but I like it enough, that I'm not going to worry about putting a Turkish design on a Persian robe. Again, pictures to come.

To weave or unweave, an important lesson!

I recently got back to a long term project, weaving cloth for Odo's cloak, I had lost my copy of the weaving draft. This was not a big problem, as I had gotten it out of a book. In my mild frustration and excitement to get back to the project, I copied down to tie down, but not the order in which they were to be woven. I wove about 3 inches and noticed it was not looking right. I thought this was a result of improper beating and slogged on another 3 inches. It still did not look right. I went back to the book to check that I had copied the tie down correctly. I saw that the tie down was correct, and it was then that I realized my mistake!

I then had a very important decision to make, to weave or unweave. The part of me that did not relish redoing about 4 hours of work, said continue weaving, and tell people I had left it as a reminder of my mistake. However an important piece of advice Master Terafan had given me came to mind. This advice, when faced with the decision to go back and correct your work or not, you need to ask yourself, what is the more accurate representation of your skill a piece with an obvious error, or a piece without. Well obviously, I wish this piece to not have 6 horrible looking inches. So I have decided to unweave this section and continue weaving from the previous point. I think it will only take me a few hours to unweave this section. (Note: it actually took less than an hour!) This may seem like a lot, but since I have well over 40 hours already invested in the project, and hundreds more hours to go, it is but a small sacrifice.

The lesson here is to not rush things, particularly long term projects! The weaving specific lesson, is to always make sure you have the tie down and the pick order! I don't think I'll be repeating this mistake anytime soon. As a small aside, the draft copy is now taped to the loom, where I can work from it, so it is unlikely that this problem will arise again!

Lessons learned,

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Greetings from Julian

Thank you for inviting me to join this group!

Currently I have lots of unfinished projects, all textile, some costume sewing, some mundane cross stitch.

On the fibre arts side....

At the very beginning of the month I spent a week at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, spinning on the great wheel. Some of the yarn I spun was dyed at Kentwell and some I brought home and dyed with madder (alum mordant).

I am currently preparing some fleece as I am going to offer spinning tuition at Raglan in the A&S tent this year. (For people taking part in the event and for members of the public). In the evenings I hope to be able to do some natural dying too.

I have an ambition to spin enough yarn to weave a piece of cloth big enough to make a Tudor bodice out of. I have a small Ashford table top loom that I bought second hand a couple of years ago and I spun several large skeins of yarn but when I tried weaving with them I found that they were too fine for the purpose.

When I discovered this I decided to use the yarn for experimenting with natural dyes and Ed used some of it to embroider his tunic for Hastings 2006.

Left - some of my natural dyed balls of hand and wheel spun wool .

Left to right - Turmeric, Logwood, Sage, Madder, Brazilwood and stronger Madder, all with Alum.

Maredudd (Ed's) Anglosaxon Tunic.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Greetings from Genevieve

Jahanarabanu has graciously extended an invitation to me, so I'm taking her up on it! Good idea to have a blog where you can post photos, as well as talk about projects.

My current interests are sewing and knitting. I learned to knit a couple of years ago (with able advice from HE Sagadis). I finished some knitted pouches over the winter, inspired by an article in the TI, and am slowly puttering on a pattern for the Eleanora of Toledo stockings.

On the sewing front, I finished a 16th c. German kirtle, suitable for a working woman, that I wore at Winchester. It's the undergown of a 'Cranach' gown I've been (slowly) working on for awhile. Photos of the pieces on LJ. Still have to tackle the top layer. Just learned this weekend how to make the cool floppy hat! :-)

Overall, my 'theme' is learning to reduce, reuse and recycle: this is partly an enviro-greenie concern about reducing my consumption, and partly of necessity while on a tight budget.

So I'm resolved to 'work from my stash' of fabric, yarn, raw materials and tools for the duration, until it's significantly reduced (like I have unloved empty boxes lurking under the bed!). I have allowed myself some leeway, though - charity shop yarn is fine, for instance.

I'm also interested in reworking existing clothes - I recut and refitted a 10-year-old wool cote this winter, that worked out beautifully with a new (pieced) lining, and new sleeves. I think 'making new' and 'freshening', as worded in Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd, is a very practical medieval skill, one that every sempstress or tailor would know.

I'm on LJ, and I post most of my projects there - look for '3Rs' as a tag to identify recycled items.


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Summer Projects

I kept myself fairly busy this summer with two weaving projects and one embroidery project. While I was at Lilies War, I finished three weaving projects. I was able to weave to garters (right) for my Laurel, Comtesse Magaret de Saint Martin-sur-Mer.

I also met a relatively new member of the Barony of Forgotten Sea. She is dating a very good friend of mine. She is so new that she has very little garb and no belt. When I finished Maggie's garters, I warped up a simple belt for Magdelaina (below).

I also made some progress on embroidering Odo's hood. I have the outline of one roundel and the Calon Cross completed. I am not 100% pleased with how this looks so far, but it will be the back of the hood and I hope to make it look a bit better once the entire roundel is complete. I will post a picture of this when it is done!

Friday, 18 July 2008


It is intended for the first A&S display by members of the Interest Group to be held at the coming Raglan Fair.

So it would be wonderful to see all your great works, finished or unfinished that the populace (and even members of the public!) can gasp at. This is a wonderful opportunity to attract more members to the group and to show off the skills of the many artisans we have in Insulae Draconis.

A tent for A&S purposes is being kindly provided within which we will be able to display the works.

This is very exciting as it is the first chance for this interest group to collectively show off its talent and achievements. Therefore please consider planning a project and bringing it to Raglan, it would be wonderful to see everyone enter something.

Yours in Service,

Group Leader

P.S. if you know of any talented artisans who are not yet aware of this blog, or of the interest group, please feel free to invite them along.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Teaching Opportunities

Greetings everyone!
There are several opportunities to teach and further Arts & Sciences in Insulae Draconis coming up. Fortunately you can volunteer for one or more of these opportunities by contacting me! I an coordinating A&S classes at War of the Roses and the first combined Protectors & University! If you are willing to take up Melisende's challenge to teach you may contact me via this blog, or the ID MOAS e-mail.

I am also asking for volunteers to run an A&S tent at Raglan. Dafydd, the autocrat, has been so kind as to arrange for a tent and very visible space for such a tent. I would like to have two volunteers, at least, for the public hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am asking all volunteers for a mere 2 hours of their time. All you have to do is sit in the tent, craft, watch the items on display (perhaps have some of your own work on display) and chat with anyone who shows interest! Again please volunteer with me via this blog of the ID MoAS e-mail.

Yours in Service,
Jahanarabanu Vivana, ID Minister of Arts & Sciences

Monday, 14 July 2008

Regalia so far.....

Dear All,

I thought you might like to see the first stage of the Hall Decorating kit that was given its first airing at Midsummer Coronation just passed. With the helping of Thamesreach whose members wielded their paint brushes with admirable dexterity, these 5 banners, representing the larger groups within our Kingdom, were able to be hoisted aloft in the feast hall.

By the end of the year, the plan is to have made similar banners for all the Shires in ID, so that come the next big event, we will truly be able to put on a good show during feast/court.

If you have any other ideas about Regalia for ID, other decorations or panoply for the Viceregal couple etc. please feel free to share and to make. Anything that will increase the pomp and ceremony of ID courts, and show off the skills of our artisans at the same time, can only be good.

Yours in Service,

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Show off your Skills

Dear All,

As most of you are probably aware, ID will have an embarassment of learning opportunities in the next 12 months. Not only is Kingdom University being hosted on our shores, but the first Insulae Draconis University will be held in the Spring of next year.

I would therefore urge you all to take a look at the wonderful work that you have been doing and consider stepping up and running a class on what you think is your best A&S. The thought of teaching at Kingdom University may be daunting, but consider that many of the teachers are not necessarily scary experts themselves. The main aim of the event is to impart and share knowledge and get other people excited about what excites you. All of us know at least one thing well enough to be able to teach it to half a dozen others, be it drop-spindle technique, finger-loop braiding or the best way to sew eyelets. The subject matter can be as broad or as narrow as you please.

Most of all though, please consider teaching a class at ID University. This event is less likely to attract folk from the rest of the Kingdom and will be relying on people like you to make it a successful event.

So no excuses - you have plenty of time to prepare yourselves. In the meantime keep up the good work and keep on showing it off wherever you can!


Monday, 23 June 2008

Coronation is Coming!


Coronation is coming and I am eager to see everyone's projects. I hope many of you will be taking part in the A&S display and competition and will be around for the meeting of the Dragon's Embroiderer's Guild meeting being held at 2pm on Saturday.

For myself, this weekend I managed to finish off the Painted banners that will decorate the Feast Hall on Saturday. They depict the larger groups of Drachenwald - Insulae Draconis, Nordmark, Styringheim, Aarnimetsa and Knights Crossing. These banners were achieved using the collective skill of the fine members of Thamesreach whose virtuosity with the paint brush will be unveiled at Coronation!

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Yours in Service,

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Jahanara's Challenge Item

I am of course accepting this challenge. To complete the challenge, I will be creating a second set of Viceregal Cloaks. These cloaks will be made in wool and lined in Linen. These will provide a warm option when the current cloaks are a bit too thin. The current cloaks are very pretty, but many Viceregals have found that they do not provide enough insulation on some of our more chilly ID nights.

I hope everyone in the group will take up this, our first challenge, and make something to show their fidelity to our celestial Crown Principality.

Yours in Service,

Cloak progress

Greetings unto the list. I do not believe I have posted here before, so here's a short introduction (although many of you know me). I am Baroness Siubhan inghean Fhearghuis. I reside in the shire of Flintheath where my fibre interests include tablet and rigid heddle weaving, and more recently embroidery. I do tend to dabble in other things like spinning, dyeing and kumihimo but there is just not enough time in a day to do all that I'd like.

One of my current projects is to add embroidery to a cloak for my husband.
Here is where it currently stands. I had projected the design onto the cloak with Jahanarabanu's assistance. The chalk I traced the design with wasn't going to last long on the wool, so I did a quick running stitch in cheap sewing thread to make the design more permanent. You can see that in the picture as the red stitching. The yellow outlining is done in 2/12 silk using a chain stitch. The original plan was to fill the design with red 2/12 silk but we are back to debating whether or not to fill the design.

Here is Lutr wearing the cloak to show where the design crosses to the front of the cloak for the two serpent/dragon heads. I plan to do the eyes in blue silk to make them stand out a bit.
The heads look a bit crooked here, but that is just because the cloak was put on slightly crooked.

Overall I'm very happy with how it is turning out. I don't think I'd use this silk again for this size or kind of project. I wanted to use silk to get that nice sheen that silk has, but just from carrying this around and him wearing it a few times, the silk has gotten quite fuzzy. It will look fine when finished, but won't have the look I was going for.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Greetings Fellow artisans!

It is my pleasure in the capacity of Person-in-charge of the ID Fibre Arts interest group, to issue a challenge under the auspices of the ID MoAS Jahanarabanu who has identified an extreme need within our glorious Crown Principality:


I am sure that we do not wish to seem like poor relations when compared to our Cousins of Nordmark, or Aarnimetsa or any of the other fine Baronies and Shires that make up the Kingdom of Drachenwald. If we are agreed on the point that we wish to deck our Viceregal Couple in glory, then this is a challenge to all Fibre artisans, sewing circles and A&S communities within the borders of Insulae Draconis.

Make spiffy stuff for court! Think on the works achieved by past Royal Embroiderers and seamstresses, tailors and weavers, spinners and dyers and how they wrought wonders that we gasp at today. If you see something that you think is missing, then talk to your fibre-fellows and let us know the worthy projects that you have decided to embark upon.

Already identified requirements:
- Large ID banners to suspend behind the Viceregal thrones
- A fighting tunic for the Viceroy (simple and durable as it will get bashed around alot!)

Remember, 15-year Coronation is coming up and it is taking place in our fair lands. For many guests this will be the first time they will be visiting our CP and I think we can all agree that we wish to make a good impression.

If you don't fancy regalia then make tokens for handing out to deserving people, or prizes for A&S projects. If this does not appeal, then make something ID-related for your own personal use, that shows your loyalty and pride in your CP. The possibilities are endless and the projects do not have to be of incredible complexity, nor do you have to be Laurel-level to make something of value. Do not forget, not only are you performing a service, but this is also a chance for other people to see the good work that you do and an opportunity for you to learn from and by inspired by others. Please also check the A&S class list for Coronation on the website.

Let our Viceroy & Vicereine go forth knowing that their subjects feel pride in them and that the artisans of ID are skilled and many!

Yours in Service,

Melisende Fitzwalter

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Weld, Woad or Madder? Natural Dyeing Day

Greetings - again!

I am holding a Dyeing Saturday School on 19th July 2008. I've attached my poster. Please deduct ~10% if you are SCA! (ie £46 not £52). Yes, it is a bit expensive, but much of this goes to the Inn keeper for his lunch - usually jolly good. A more civilised part to an otherwise slightly primitive day :-D

The observant may note that the poster (click to enlarge) features a sample of work by Racaire of Austria (by permission) who is coming to ID for the Coronation in June and also a few days either side. Free advert for her, too, and richly deserved - do look at her blog.

Do take a look, too, at my website (a freebie, Weebly one): .

If you cannot get to this dye-day, feel free to ask me any questions about dyeing by e-mail or on this blog. I've now made a special note / bookmark so no excuses not to look/contribute more often. I hope to be at the Coronation in June but I don't intend to be teaching this time - I'm hoping to learn, instead!



Good sources of info for Tyrian Purple

Greetings, especially to Gilbere.
I would recommend anyone on interested in doing natural dyeing to join the Yahoo Natural Dyes group. It has over (?) 1500 members worldwide and is a mine of knowledge. I entered 'Tyrian Purple' in their search box and got 13 hits. Consensus is that the dye IS dibromo-indigo - it can be made synthetically and is carcenogenic (beware). The natural source is the Mediterranean Murex snail. (Great heaps of the shells have been excavated in digs near to Haifa in Israel).
The following link is also given in one of the references: which makes for VERY interesting reading.
Very best wishes with this one!
Jenny of Cranbrook
(about 12 miles from the real Cranbrook, Kent. I did have a studio there for a little while in 2007. The Lady Ariel attended one of my courses there.)

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thyrian Purple Reposted

Gilberre posted this as a comment. I'm not sure how many will see it that way so I'm re-posting it here.
"Therigiua is now called Essouerra and is in Morroco The Nice lady doing the Dying workshop at Viceroy knows that the imperial roman robes dted thryian purple were made of silk and was able to define the actual dye chemical and the acid animal fibre dying process I will have to use so now I am a lot further along in using my dye.

I will have to look up Byantium as another way to research seashell dyes.
What colours were they getting ?
The shells fron Assouerra give either a stunning Purple (Male) or vibrant blue (female)
must find out how they are sexed for my documentation !"
Thanks for the great info Jenny & Gilberre!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Almost done with Viceroy A&S Prizes!

This will be the band that is given to the entry that Ursula chooses. The band below, will be given by the incoming Vicereine. I hope many of you, who have not already sent me your entry information will enter the competition on site! I have four entries as of today and would love to see a few more than that!

Monday, 5 May 2008


I finished the initial piece and have warped the loom again! I need at least two more prizes. If I can get this 6 yards done, then I will have two lengths for prizes and one length to cut up as tokens for the Viceroy A&S Competition. I hope to have tokens that the populace can give to the entrants.
I'm making 3 prizes so both the outgoing and incoming Vicereine's may choose their favorite entry. There will also be a prize for the overall winner. I would like to keep this going. So here is another plea for help. Would someone be willing to make a prize for the incoming fall Vicereine to give to her chosen artisan? I'm asking well in advance, because I would like this be a very nice "favor" for her to give.

I would also like to reiterate my plea for a volunteer to lead the guild and help us build up some steam! Even if you don't want to take on this job, I would love for each of you to recruit a new group member before Raglan!

More on Raglan in a later post!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Prize for Viceroy A&S Competition

This is the weaving project that I'm actively working on, I have about other projects going that I've not touched in far too long! This project has a deadline, Viceroy Tourney! I have warped about 4 yards of this. I intend to give this weaving as the prize for the A&S Competition at Viceroy. I would like to have three prizes over all. One for the person with the highest overall score, one for the outgoing Vicereine's choice and one for the incoming Vicereine's choice.
I'd like to read comments regarding whether or not 2 yards of weaving would be useful for most people. I think it would be nice to have this be the prize for the Viecreines' choices. Then I would just need one other prize for the highest score. Any donations would be appreciated! I'm also looking for small things that the populace can "award" to their top choice.
UPDATE: I have 27" woven so far! If I weave until the the warp needs to be moved each night, I will just get this finished in time!
Now I just have to get my handout for the class edited, and printed! Then I'll be ready for the event.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Friday, 25 April 2008

Welcome New Member!

I've been quite remiss in updating our membership!
We have one new member. Please join me in welcome Lady Melisende Fitzwalter! I know we will all enjoy seeing her upcoming projects!


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Rigid heddle tension

Just been looking at Siubhan's blog - the answer to your "can I take the rigid heddle weaving off the loom?" is "don't worry".
I have woven a couple of braids that were really too wide for my loom, so the unwoven warp kept falling off the shed sticks and mucking up the tension. So I just unwound a bit, evened it up and then rewound it. The braid I am currently weaving is not only too wide but has a cotton warp that has absolutely no forgiveness in it - I have had to unwind it several times and reattach it to the apron - and I can see that I will probably have to do it again.
So if when you take the braid off the loom the tension goes wonky, just even it out and reattach it to the apron - this is much easier if you have someone to help you by holding the other end. And as it looks like you are using a wool warp it will probably have enough forgiveness that you won't need to reattach it completely
By the way, the braid looks georgeous :-)
PS If any of this doesn't make sense - email me

Sunday, 20 April 2008

More Sleeve Progress

I've finally completed one border! I now need to draw in the ivy, fill the middle and then do the second border! I had hoped to have this finished for Viceroy Tourney, which is about a month away. I also need to get some rigid heddle weaving done for prizes for the A&S Competitions at Viceroy. I seriously doubt that I will be able to get both projects done in time! I still have a bit of hope though. I am very pleased with how this is turning out so far. I think it will be a very good representation of my work!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

My Progress

Well I am still working on the second sleeve, for the blue linen dress! I have one complete row of red swirls done and two yellow swirls completed, with the third on nearly complete. The red swirls went really quickly as I completed approximately two per night over the course of two weeks, obviously I had to take a few nights off! Once the red were finished, I quickly started on the yellow. However almost a month has passed between finishing the first yellow swirl and now! The good news is that I did finish the second swirl and much of the third.
I'm hoping to finish at least the third swirl, perhaps the fourth this evening before taking off on vacation tomorrow. I also need to get my next weaving project warped this evening, with Siubhan's help! This will make 4 weaving projects and the embroidery project going at once! I'm not sure what happened. I was very focused on Odo's black diamond twill fabric for several months. Then I noticed that I had missed a broken thread in the warping. When I fixed it, I caused several tension problems. It took me several weeks to get those sorted out, since then I've not been back to that loom.
This is in part due to the fact that, I also started my first tapestry weaving project, the embroidery, and the stress the tension issues caused! Siubhan and I are also working on learning tapestry weaving from Nancy Harvey's video, which is fabulous! All in all, I suppose I am making good progress on the embroidery, especially in comparison to the twill fabric!
As for weaving project No. 4, I am sponsoring my first A&S Competition as ID A&S Minister at Viceroy. For that I hope to weave some prizes for entrants, that is what this project will be. This should also be the first rigid heddle weaving I complete! I'm looking forward to finishing my first project in this medium and hope finishing this project (which must be done by 17 May) will kick start my future progress on the diamond twill. I hope to finish this blue sleeve by then, so I can debut the dress at Viceroy!
OK that was a bit wingy, but I hope you'll forgive me! I hope to see posts from others about how their projects are going and what they have on their to do lists! If you need help figuring out how to post here, let me know!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Call for a Volunteer

Well we have a substantial membership now! In order to better utilize this group, I would like to hear from anyone who is willing to be the first Group Head. I have many other projects I would like to facilitate during my time as ID MoAS and as such do not have time to volunteer for this myself. I would like to have someone who has time to dedicate to recruiting new members, organizing Group Challenges, organizing Group Displays at major events, as well as, the normal reporting duties. I will of course be happy to help who ever ends up in this position. When considering whether or not you have time for these responsibilities, please remember that you do not have to do all this yourself. For example if you can't come up with an idea for a Group Challenge you can solicit ideas from our membership!

I would like to have several names to put forward at our first meeting. I, as acting Group Head, propose that we hold our first meeting at May Viceroy Tourney!

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail me privately.

Jahanara Vivana, Incoming ID Minister of Arts & Sciences

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gold Thread

Greetings All,

I have found what, on the face of it, appears to be a source of reasonably priced good quality gold thread (not real gold!). The Lady on ebay who sells it claims that it is vintage from a factory in France that has since closed down and she herself acquired them from an antique fair. They were apparently destined for use in restoration work and for civic uniforms and banners.

I have bought 4 reels and will be happy to report back on whether they seem fit for purpose, or if I have just been conned out of my money!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Greetings Lady Jenny of Cranbrook, from what land do you hail from ?
I have acquired a substantial amount of thryian purple dye (crushed shells) have you worked with this dye before ? I hope to dye a woollen cope before next Twelthnight but I am no Dyer.

Crotchet yarn

does anyone want some white crotchet yarn ? I saw some in prepack at thrift shop near my work.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Member List!

Here is our first membership list! Please check that your information is correct. Let me know if I've made any errors please let me know, especially if you've e-mailed me and are not on this list!

Member List:
1)Jahanarabanu Vivana (Flintheath) Interests: Tablet Weaving, Rigid Heddle Weaving, Tapestry Weaving, 4 & 8 Shaft Table/Floor Loom Weaving, Embroidery, Dying and 7th C Persian Costuming
2) HE Siubhan (Flintheath) Interests: Tablet Weaving (including Brocade), Rigid Heddle Weaving (including Brocade), Kumihimo, Embroidery, 7th C Persian Costuming
3) Lady Estrid (Harpelstane) Interests: weaving - tablet weaving, inkle, rigid heddle, cloth (table and floor loom), twills, pick-up and overshot patterns, etc. Sewing, embroidery, costuming-making - mostly early
4) HE Sagadis (Epalheimer) Interests: Tablet Weaving, Wall Loom Weaving, Floor Loom Weaving
5) Elk Deerslayer (Glen Rathin) Interest: Embroidery, knitting, weaving
6) Gilbere du Chateau la Mer (Dun in Mara) Interests: Textiles
7)Jenny of Cranbrook (??) Interests: Dying

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Introducing the Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group!

Fibre Artisans pay heed this announcement from the ID Minister of Arts and Sciences,
Their Royal Majesties Svein and Jovi, along with the Kingdom MoAS Mistress Jaelle, have seen fit to grant us permission to form a Fibre Arts Interest Group within our fair Crown Principality borders. As such I am inviting all interested artisans to join the Interest Group.
The only requirements will be an interest in any Fibre Art and a willingness to participate in group functions. These functions will include, but not be limited to, posting projects, questions or comments to the group blog, participating in group displays and workshops.
Our first order of business is to recruit willing members and to choose an Interest Group Head. Interested members should contact me at with you SCA Name, Local Group and Fibre Intrests. I will then send you an invitation to join the blog.
I look forward to working with you all on this project. I know it will help foster growth within our Fibre Arts Community and help us achieve our regional goals.

The Group structure is as follows:
Group Head: Not yet Determined
Displays will be held at the following events:
Viceroy Tourneys
Any others
Annual Challenge/Project
Workshops- at least 1/yr

Yours in Service,
Jahanarabanu Vivana, ID MoAS