Monday, 5 May 2008


I finished the initial piece and have warped the loom again! I need at least two more prizes. If I can get this 6 yards done, then I will have two lengths for prizes and one length to cut up as tokens for the Viceroy A&S Competition. I hope to have tokens that the populace can give to the entrants.
I'm making 3 prizes so both the outgoing and incoming Vicereine's may choose their favorite entry. There will also be a prize for the overall winner. I would like to keep this going. So here is another plea for help. Would someone be willing to make a prize for the incoming fall Vicereine to give to her chosen artisan? I'm asking well in advance, because I would like this be a very nice "favor" for her to give.

I would also like to reiterate my plea for a volunteer to lead the guild and help us build up some steam! Even if you don't want to take on this job, I would love for each of you to recruit a new group member before Raglan!

More on Raglan in a later post!

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