Monday, 15 March 2010

New ideas?

Hello everyone,
I know a few of you are still checking in regularly. I hope that we can breath some new life into our group and continue to encourage one another!
I would like to ask how many members are interested in the following:
1) Online workshops- I've had several good experiences with online workshops on various fibre related social networking sites. If you're interested how often would you likely participate, monthly, quarterly?
2) Group project- Napkins for the Prince and Princess, largess basket, wall hangings, etc.
3) Designing a badge for the group- badges often help identify group members and provide a better sense of group identity!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Testing 1,2, Anybody out there?

I have finally recovered from my time as MoAS, well I've had enough down time. I'm wondering how many folks are still tracking this blog. Please post an affirmative comment here if you're still lurking! :)
I really hope to get us back to our initial level of group activity.