Monday, 15 March 2010

New ideas?

Hello everyone,
I know a few of you are still checking in regularly. I hope that we can breath some new life into our group and continue to encourage one another!
I would like to ask how many members are interested in the following:
1) Online workshops- I've had several good experiences with online workshops on various fibre related social networking sites. If you're interested how often would you likely participate, monthly, quarterly?
2) Group project- Napkins for the Prince and Princess, largess basket, wall hangings, etc.
3) Designing a badge for the group- badges often help identify group members and provide a better sense of group identity!

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Steph said...

You know the kingdom embroidery project? I think it would be FAB if all the shires in ID were "gotten" at least once. I'm only holding off putting my name down because a friend is doing my home shire, and I want to take an "orphan" rather than a shire with a keen broidress... is this silly? Anyway, that's my suggestion: make sure that ID is well represented on the banner! The project info is here, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about: