Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My Challenge Progress

As you may remember, I have taken up our fearless leader's challenge. I decided to make some winter cloaks for Insulae Draconis. Several Viceregal couples had expressed a need for warmer cloaks, thus I saw this challenge as a way to meet that need.
I seem to have found some new steam on this project. I've been working on the ID Cloaks almost to the exclusion of everything else. I've actually got all the applique work done on one cloak. I still need to embroider the stem in on that one. I have the leaves pinned on the second cloak and hope to have the applique done on that tomorrow night. Then it's just a matter of the stems, lining and hemming! It feels nice to essential be down to just three more steps to go on one and four to go on the other!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Embroidery Question

Some of you will remember the hood project that I began several months ago. I have completed one roundel (of 8). I have the second roundel outlined on the hood itself.
I have finally gotten back to this project. I am finding the large frame that it is on to be very unweildly. I can work with it, as I have a very nice stand. However it is very cumbersome to move the stand in place and out of place when I want to get up. I also recently entered my 7th C Persian sleeves in the Kingdom A&S Competition. One of the comments I received recommended embroidering onto a separate piece of fabric and applying that fabric to the end product to help in placement of the embroidery. I know there is a lot of debate as to whether or not this was a medieval practice or is embroidery was taken off aging garments and then placed on new garments. I think either practice is reasonable. I am concerned about the placement of the roundels if I embroidery directly onto the hood now. As I will be spending literally hundreds of hours on this project, I think I would be absolutely heartbroken if the roundels did not look right on the final project. Then again I'm worried about how applying them as well. I worry how applied roundels might effect the way the hood lies and getting the edges finished well and sewing them on without showing the other fabric.

So I'm looking for advice and other's experience. What have you done in the past, for any kind of garment, what would you recommend?

Thanks for "listening",

Friday, 9 January 2009

Greetings to Everyone,

And a Happy to New Year to one and all. I hope that the holidays left you relaxed, content and excited to face a new year of events and crafting.

Many many Vivats to our new King and Queen Marcus and Cecilia who were crowned this past weekend and also to the newest Counties ThorvaldR and Fiona who gave wonderful service to our Kingdom during their reign.

I hope that many of you have taken the opportunity to work on those pesky projects that always lurk in the back of the craft cupboard for ages and ages. Do let us know what wonderful works you have on going. The blog is always a good place to give and get feedback.

Embroidery Challenge
As posted on the Drachenwald mailing list, the Dragon’s Needle Embroidery Guild have announced the start of their annual Embroidery Challenge. Anyone interested should go to the Guild’s blog for more details: http://dragonsembroiderers.blogspot.com/
I would encouraged everyone to contribute towards this and make a good showing from members of Insulae Draconis

Queen’s Basket
Please remember to contribute to this year’s Queen’s Basket, if you can. It need not be anything big, here follows the words of the co-ordinator Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz:
Pennsic is soon upon us! Even if you are not going – that is a concern for you.
Each year the Kingdom exchanges gifts with another Kingdom. (Yes, just one Kingdom, they have stopped exchanging with ALL Kingdoms.) And each year our King and Queen have to try to gather items for the giftbasket and each year there has been a struggle to get a respectable basket together.
The basket reflects upon the Kingdom – if we have a good basket our artisans will get a good reputation. And I think you can figure out what happens if we have a bad one...
I have sent out a call for items for baskets on several occasions and people have answered my call. But there is not only one gift basket – there is one coming up every single year – so the Kingdom is always in need of items!
And a lot of people think: Nah, someone else will answer this call. The result of that is that we get one or two small items – because everyone had the same thought....
So please – be the first one to say: I will do something!

So what can you do?
The items have the rule that they should be small, light and easy to transport since people have to take them in their weight limited luggage.
Here is a list of suggested items:
*needle books
*blackwork ribbons to put on a shirt
*Book marks

So what motifs could be used?
We don't know what Kingdom we are exchanging gifts with and most likely we won't know until mid June.
The gifts need to be done by mid July.
So if you want to do something now here are a few suggestions:

Rose – the Queen will become or perhaps already is a member of the Order of the Rose.
Pelicans and Laurels – the King and Queen might be members of the orders or they might need things for elevations coming up.
Other than that – use your imagination and try to stay away from things that are obviously made for a certain Kingdom.
If you wish to wait and make something for them with the kingdom arms on – remember that everything with the Kingdom arms becomes part of the regalia! If you want them to be able to keep what you make, stick to populace badges.
I will announce what Kingdom we are exchanging gifts with on the Drachenwald mailing list as soon as I know.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact me at:
amadejska @ gmail . com

Things to Look forward to in the coming months.

-Tapestry-weaving weekend at the Newmarket home of the ID MoAS Jahanarabanu Vivana, on the 30th Jan – 1st February. This has a 7-student limit, so please contact her as early as possible to book your slot.
-The first ID University will be held at Protectors in the Spring. Don’t miss your chance to teach a class at this historic event. You all have a skill that you can teach others, so that by our combined effort, ID can retain its reputation for fine artisanship in the Fibre Arts.

I hope to see everyone soon.

Yours in Service,

Melisende Fitzwalter
IDFAIG Group Leader