Thursday, 24 February 2011

Looking for Teachers for Double Wars

Greetings Drachenwald!
I have heard from some of you and we allready have a few classes on
the schedule for this years Double Wars – but we need more!
Share your knowledge!!!
Make Drachenwald even prettier, better, stronger and well informed! :D
You are also welcome to make class wishes ofcourse and I will do my
best to find teachers.
Contact me off list at

Katheryn Hebenstreitz
A&S coordinator at Double Wars

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ID FIG Update

Greetings unto the Illustrious Fibre Interest Group,
I am pleased to say that this past weekend, we had 11 people at the FIG Crafts and Carafes. The work being done was most impressive and the company and companionship was beyond measure. Members were knitting, embroidering, making cords/braids and sharing their knowledge of these subjects and much more! Our group has grown in numbers and renowned. No less than three people said to me that they thought we had reached the Guild level. In that vain, I will be consulting the Kingdom Laws and discussing the possiblity of moving to formal Guild status with Their Celestial Hignesses Insulae Draconis and Their Royal Majesties. Before I do this, I would know your opinions on the matter.
In order that you might form your opinion, I provide here the list of members by my reckoning. If I have mispelled your name, or have the wrong group listed, please send me a correction. Anyone who is reading this post and is not listed here please e-mail your intent to join the group to me and you will be added post haste!
Member Group
LadyTrinite Ducalon Flintheath
Lady Genevieve la flechiere Tamesreach
Vicountess Sagadis Eplahiemer
Lady Marian Myndd Gwynn
Jahanarabanu Flintheath
Jenny Flintheath
Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter Flintheath
Baroness Siubhan Out of Kingdom
Ormsweird ???
Caelainn ???
Lady Ysabella-Maria Myndd Gwynn
Lord Gilbere Du Chateau La Mer Lough Devnaree
thorngrove ???
Lady Lynette West Dragoningshire
Duchess Alessandra Melusine West Dragoningshire