Sunday, 3 August 2008

Cloak pictures

I am finally able to post pictures of the cloak with the outlining finished.

It's being held a little crooked here, but you can see most of the design.

Here is what it looks like without being held out. It's a bit difficult to see what the design is.

The original plan was to fill the design using red silk. We now have the silk, but he is not sure if he wants it filled or not now that he's seen the outline. I decided to do a bit of a test to show him what it would look like. This is the test I finished this evening. I want him to see it in natural light before making any decision. I'm not sure myself what will look better, but I tend to lean towards filling it.


Melisende Fitzwalter said...

It looks lovely!

What stitch are you using to fill the outlines?

Jahanarabanu said...

Wow! That looks awesome! I wonder if filling it in would help distinguish the design when worn?

Not sure what I would do either! Good luck with that tough decision.