Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Help needed!

Hello everyone,
I need some urgent help finding dye supplies. I need to find a store that I can visit to pick up some steam set silk dyes. I need to be able to actually go in to pick it up as I need to match the other dyes being used in the project. If anyone has any suggestions in the London or Suffolk areas, I'd greatly appreciate it!



sismith42 said...

Does the Handweaver Studio in London not have what you need?

Jahanarabanu said...

I'm not sure. I don't remember them having much in the way of dyes, but it could be that I'm always distracted by the fibres! I have meant to put a call in to see if they carry steam set dyes, so I know if it's worth the trip! Any other suggestions would still be welcome!

Thanks for the suggestion, it's good to know that someone else thinks this is a reasonable place to look!