Sunday, 27 July 2008

Cloak progress

I have finished the outlining of the design on Lutr's cloak. See the other entry under the label Siubhan for pictures of the partially completed cloak. Once I find a way to connect my camera to my computer again, I will post pictures.
The decision has yet to be made as to whether I will fill the design with colour or leave it with just the outlining. I think either will look fine. The plan is to do a test piece to see what the filled pattern will look like.

Since the weather has been warm, I haven't felt like keeping the cloak on my lap to work on, so I've started my next project which is a pair of embroidered cuffs to go on another of my Persian robes. The fabric is a lovely blue wool. I'm using a fine silk for the embroidery. The design is actually a Turkish design, but I like it enough, that I'm not going to worry about putting a Turkish design on a Persian robe. Again, pictures to come.

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Melisende Fitzwalter said...

If it was me, by now I would have chucked the cloak in a corner and will be planning to leave it there for at least 6 months! I admire your stamina!