Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Greetings from Genevieve

Jahanarabanu has graciously extended an invitation to me, so I'm taking her up on it! Good idea to have a blog where you can post photos, as well as talk about projects.

My current interests are sewing and knitting. I learned to knit a couple of years ago (with able advice from HE Sagadis). I finished some knitted pouches over the winter, inspired by an article in the TI, and am slowly puttering on a pattern for the Eleanora of Toledo stockings.

On the sewing front, I finished a 16th c. German kirtle, suitable for a working woman, that I wore at Winchester. It's the undergown of a 'Cranach' gown I've been (slowly) working on for awhile. Photos of the pieces on LJ. Still have to tackle the top layer. Just learned this weekend how to make the cool floppy hat! :-)

Overall, my 'theme' is learning to reduce, reuse and recycle: this is partly an enviro-greenie concern about reducing my consumption, and partly of necessity while on a tight budget.

So I'm resolved to 'work from my stash' of fabric, yarn, raw materials and tools for the duration, until it's significantly reduced (like I have unloved empty boxes lurking under the bed!). I have allowed myself some leeway, though - charity shop yarn is fine, for instance.

I'm also interested in reworking existing clothes - I recut and refitted a 10-year-old wool cote this winter, that worked out beautifully with a new (pieced) lining, and new sleeves. I think 'making new' and 'freshening', as worded in Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd, is a very practical medieval skill, one that every sempstress or tailor would know.

I'm on LJ, and I post most of my projects there - look for '3Rs' as a tag to identify recycled items.



Jahanarabanu said...

Wow! Love the pouches! The gown also looks wonderful, the couched and pearled bust band is exquisite!

Finally my apologies to you and everyone from Viceroy for the lengthy delay in sending out invites!

Thanks for sharing,

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Thank you!
I should clarify - most of the materials for this project, and the embroidery, are from HE Lucrezia Isabella de Freccia.

She started this gown projectw with several other ladies for HG Signy's first reign, but it remained unfinished, after she'd 'done the fun bit' for her, which was the embroidery!

So I can't take credit for her fine work.
I'm actually hoping to commission her for some suitable jewellery to go with it. :-)