Sunday, 20 July 2008

Summer Projects

I kept myself fairly busy this summer with two weaving projects and one embroidery project. While I was at Lilies War, I finished three weaving projects. I was able to weave to garters (right) for my Laurel, Comtesse Magaret de Saint Martin-sur-Mer.

I also met a relatively new member of the Barony of Forgotten Sea. She is dating a very good friend of mine. She is so new that she has very little garb and no belt. When I finished Maggie's garters, I warped up a simple belt for Magdelaina (below).

I also made some progress on embroidering Odo's hood. I have the outline of one roundel and the Calon Cross completed. I am not 100% pleased with how this looks so far, but it will be the back of the hood and I hope to make it look a bit better once the entire roundel is complete. I will post a picture of this when it is done!

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