Sunday, 13 April 2008

My Progress

Well I am still working on the second sleeve, for the blue linen dress! I have one complete row of red swirls done and two yellow swirls completed, with the third on nearly complete. The red swirls went really quickly as I completed approximately two per night over the course of two weeks, obviously I had to take a few nights off! Once the red were finished, I quickly started on the yellow. However almost a month has passed between finishing the first yellow swirl and now! The good news is that I did finish the second swirl and much of the third.
I'm hoping to finish at least the third swirl, perhaps the fourth this evening before taking off on vacation tomorrow. I also need to get my next weaving project warped this evening, with Siubhan's help! This will make 4 weaving projects and the embroidery project going at once! I'm not sure what happened. I was very focused on Odo's black diamond twill fabric for several months. Then I noticed that I had missed a broken thread in the warping. When I fixed it, I caused several tension problems. It took me several weeks to get those sorted out, since then I've not been back to that loom.
This is in part due to the fact that, I also started my first tapestry weaving project, the embroidery, and the stress the tension issues caused! Siubhan and I are also working on learning tapestry weaving from Nancy Harvey's video, which is fabulous! All in all, I suppose I am making good progress on the embroidery, especially in comparison to the twill fabric!
As for weaving project No. 4, I am sponsoring my first A&S Competition as ID A&S Minister at Viceroy. For that I hope to weave some prizes for entrants, that is what this project will be. This should also be the first rigid heddle weaving I complete! I'm looking forward to finishing my first project in this medium and hope finishing this project (which must be done by 17 May) will kick start my future progress on the diamond twill. I hope to finish this blue sleeve by then, so I can debut the dress at Viceroy!
OK that was a bit wingy, but I hope you'll forgive me! I hope to see posts from others about how their projects are going and what they have on their to do lists! If you need help figuring out how to post here, let me know!

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