Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tapestry Weaving Weekend Invitation

You are invited to the “House of Many Looms” for a 2-day intensive
Tapestry Weaving Workshop! We will begin, Friday evening, with a basic
discussion of weaving including the different weaving methods and when
and where each was used. Followed by a hands-on sessions on Saturday
during which you will focus on the basic Tapestry Weaving techniques. I
have already warped each of my large looms. There are also student looms
that you may use for your own projects and can take with you. We will
also hold evening discussions regarding weaving techniques and you’ll
have the opportunity to ask your fellow weavers questions. For those who
are brand new to weaving a Weaving Basics document will be provided in
advance to help you learn basic weaving vocabulary (please request this
in your RSVP if you need it). This will allow us to get right to the
hands on sessions!
I also have inkle looms, tablet looms, a two 4-harness table looms
(which will be warped for tapestry weaving), a 4-harness floor loom and
an 8-harness loom. Now I obviously can not be working on all these looms
at once, so I invite you to come use them.
When will this workshop take place you ask? 30 Jan. – 1 Feb.
Intensive Sessions:
Hands On Sessions
• Tapestry weaving- 2 looms ready to go, there will be a cartoon to
follow and weft threads at the ready! There will also be 9 cardboard
student looms for individual take home projects.
• Weaving ‘Round the Table: This will be an evening discussion on
weaving, bring thoughts, questions and answers!

Proposed Schedule:
• Arrivals & Diner!

• Breakfast
• Intensive Sessions:
Tapestry Basics & History
Project Planning
Project Implementation
• Break for Lunch- feel free to break for coffee/tea/beverages as you
wish throughout the day.
• Hands-on Sessions Continue
• Dinner
• Weaving ‘Round the Table

Sunday- departures as necessary
• Breakfast
• Hands-on Sessions Continued
• Break for Lunch
• Hands-on Sessions Continue
• Dinner- Weaving ‘Round the Table Continued

Where? Contact Jahanara for details.

What should I bring? Yourself and any weaving projects you wish to work
on, or for which you need help and advice.

How many people can attend? Due to the nature of this workshop, there
will be a 7 student limit. We have beds for 6, if people don’t mind
sharing the two double beds. We also have plenty of other crash space on
couches and the floor. So please RSVP early to guarantee a bed!

Please RSVP by 15 Jan. 2009
RSVP’s should include the following information
Approximate Arrival Time
Preferred Train Station (If traveling by train)/ Pick up arrangements.

Suggestions/Request/Items you would like help with during the workshop

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