Friday, 7 November 2008

Pennsic Gift Basket 2009

It is time to start thinking about how we can, as a group or individually, contribute to the Gift Basket that our Royals will exchange with another Kingdom at Pennsic! I have offered to coordinate the ID efforts and pass along updates to Mistress Kathryn. I would love to see members of this group working together to create items that highlight this group’s skills.

This may be an item where the thread is all hand spun by one person, dyed by another and then woven by a third! You could also make some gloves, as Mistress Kathryn suggested. The gloves could be embroidered by one our members and sewn by another! There are many interesting possibilities.

If you plan to contribute to the gift basket please let me know! Any items completed and delivered by Double Wars will be displayed that week. As you plan your projects, please keep in mind that these things need to fit in the stringent luggage requirements! If you have an idea, but would like opinions on it’s suitability, please post your idea to the blog!



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