Thursday, 20 March 2008

Introducing the Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group!

Fibre Artisans pay heed this announcement from the ID Minister of Arts and Sciences,
Their Royal Majesties Svein and Jovi, along with the Kingdom MoAS Mistress Jaelle, have seen fit to grant us permission to form a Fibre Arts Interest Group within our fair Crown Principality borders. As such I am inviting all interested artisans to join the Interest Group.
The only requirements will be an interest in any Fibre Art and a willingness to participate in group functions. These functions will include, but not be limited to, posting projects, questions or comments to the group blog, participating in group displays and workshops.
Our first order of business is to recruit willing members and to choose an Interest Group Head. Interested members should contact me at with you SCA Name, Local Group and Fibre Intrests. I will then send you an invitation to join the blog.
I look forward to working with you all on this project. I know it will help foster growth within our Fibre Arts Community and help us achieve our regional goals.

The Group structure is as follows:
Group Head: Not yet Determined
Displays will be held at the following events:
Viceroy Tourneys
Any others
Annual Challenge/Project
Workshops- at least 1/yr

Yours in Service,
Jahanarabanu Vivana, ID MoAS


Sagadis said...

Sagadis here, does this mean I'm signed up or do I need to do something else - great idea glad this is up and running!


Jenny of Cranbrook said...

Greetings to Fellow Artisans reading our Lady Jahanara's proclamation! My congratulations to her on setting this up.

May it prosper our work (and play!)

In service,


Racaire said...

Greetings from the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head - I am very looking forward to see more pictures of the beautiful work of the very talented artisans from Insulae Draconis!
Yours faithfully