Wednesday, 17 September 2008

First Display a Success!

I just wanted to thank all the members who brought items for the Raglan Display. We had an enormous outpouring of support for the display, which was greatly appreciated by visitors. The A&S Tent drew in many interested members of the public. I especially want to thank those who gave of their event time sitting and working at the tent. I know we all chatted with various different members and did our part for making Raglan a recruitment tool.
I would like to take the time to thank each member individually for their contribution, so here goes!
Thank you to:
Lady Estrid for her time at the tent and her incredibly clever weaving sampler, cunningly made from project cut offs!
HE Mary Frost for her time at the tent
HE Sagadis for her displaying her woven cloth, spinning and knitting
Lady Marian for her time at the tent hand spun and naturally dyed balls of yarn and her spinning demonstrations and teaching!
HL Gynveive for displaying her wonderful knitting, based on Eleanor of Toledo's stockings. These were admired by many members of the populace.
Lady Alice for her naturally dyed yarns and time at the tent
Duchess Alyssandra Melusine for her braids and braiding demonstration
HE Siubhan for displaying her wonderfully embroidered sleeves

I am not sure that I have accurately thanked everyone for their time at the tent, as I was not there Sunday. So please forgive me if I missed out on thanking you for your time. Please know that all your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I hope to continue to set up A&S Tents or "Teas" at any events I attend. I think this was an excellent way for us to get together and chat with other artisans. I learned loads from my time at the tent with Lady Estrid and am armed with the necessary information to revisit my rigid heddle brocade project! I hope everyone had a similar experience!

Jahanarabanu Vivana, ID MoAS

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