Monday, 1 September 2008

Productive Holiday

Yes today was a bank holiday Monday for me, I know we're a week behind, such is life. I did however have an extremely productive holiday. I spent much of the morning in a wonderfully peaceful weaving session. I wove about 10" on Odo's cloak fabric, before fate struck. From the very start the rhythm was a dream. This sessions was a smooth as silk, which is saying something when you're working with wool! The shafts changed with ease, the boat shuttle sailed across the perfect tension that was effortlessly achieved! I got about an hour and a half in, when three of the lights above my loom went out at the same time! I sighed and finished the treadling repeat. It is very difficult to weave all black fabric with so little light though. I do have a fantastic art lamp, but it is currently upstairs, so I can work on Odo's hood embroidery. Alas the cloak will again be put on hold, until I can replace the lights. It shouldn't be too long before I get back to it though, since this session went so well I'll be more motivated to get back to it.
This project has been a fight thus far. Now that we seem to be in sync, I am ready to work on it regularly!

Happy crafting everyone,

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