Sunday, 5 October 2008

The great cloak project

The last time I posted about the cloak I'm working on, the decision had yet to be made as to whether I was going to fill in the large design. We decided to fill in the cloak and now with some of it filled, I'm very happy about the decision. It's going to look great when finished. I just don't know how many years down the road that will be. I'm sure that with the baby due towards the end of the month, that my progress will be slowed down. Here is what it currently looks like:
The two heads:
These will be seen one over each shoulder on the front.

The tail:
I have only one tail finished at the moment and am working on the other. I'm finding that I don't like filling in circles with embroidery but now that the heads and this tail are finished, I only have the two circles on the other tail to do. After that, the stitching will be much straighter. These tails have been modified from the original design. My husband had decided that he likes these better than the original. They are quite similar to one of the tails in the original. The bit of red at the bottom of the picture is part of the neck carried over from the front of the cloak. The heads and tails aren't very far apart and were actually switched around from the original design to put the heads on the front of the cloak.

I like how following the outline of the design in my stitching has created a bit of a design within the heads and tail. It gives it a bit more distinction than just being a solid colour with no texture.

I realized after drawing the tails out that they don't really look like they fit the bits that lead out to them, but the original was like that too, it's just that the centre base of the tail is a bit more pronounced in this than the original.

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Melisende Fitzwalter said...

This is such a stunning piece of work! it will look amazing when its finished!