Thursday, 5 June 2008

Greetings Fellow artisans!

It is my pleasure in the capacity of Person-in-charge of the ID Fibre Arts interest group, to issue a challenge under the auspices of the ID MoAS Jahanarabanu who has identified an extreme need within our glorious Crown Principality:


I am sure that we do not wish to seem like poor relations when compared to our Cousins of Nordmark, or Aarnimetsa or any of the other fine Baronies and Shires that make up the Kingdom of Drachenwald. If we are agreed on the point that we wish to deck our Viceregal Couple in glory, then this is a challenge to all Fibre artisans, sewing circles and A&S communities within the borders of Insulae Draconis.

Make spiffy stuff for court! Think on the works achieved by past Royal Embroiderers and seamstresses, tailors and weavers, spinners and dyers and how they wrought wonders that we gasp at today. If you see something that you think is missing, then talk to your fibre-fellows and let us know the worthy projects that you have decided to embark upon.

Already identified requirements:
- Large ID banners to suspend behind the Viceregal thrones
- A fighting tunic for the Viceroy (simple and durable as it will get bashed around alot!)

Remember, 15-year Coronation is coming up and it is taking place in our fair lands. For many guests this will be the first time they will be visiting our CP and I think we can all agree that we wish to make a good impression.

If you don't fancy regalia then make tokens for handing out to deserving people, or prizes for A&S projects. If this does not appeal, then make something ID-related for your own personal use, that shows your loyalty and pride in your CP. The possibilities are endless and the projects do not have to be of incredible complexity, nor do you have to be Laurel-level to make something of value. Do not forget, not only are you performing a service, but this is also a chance for other people to see the good work that you do and an opportunity for you to learn from and by inspired by others. Please also check the A&S class list for Coronation on the website.

Let our Viceroy & Vicereine go forth knowing that their subjects feel pride in them and that the artisans of ID are skilled and many!

Yours in Service,

Melisende Fitzwalter


Jenny of Cranbrook said...

Greetings! Not a lot of time left for this! However, I happen to have a lot of my pomanders which I used to sell (and tend not to these days unless it is close to Christmas or Mothering Sunday, etc). They are quite large (about apple-sized) and fragranced with lavender oil or a mix of geranium and (artificial) rose.

I am likewise keen to see that we do not 'let the side down' so would be happy to donate to the cause if good gentles feel this is apt. Perhaps the period nature is not so strict, but compensated for by generosity (!) as they sell (when in gift box and refill oil) for £12.50.

You can see them on

The colours are not very good in the photo - many are MUCH brighter than this.

What do you think?

For my part, I'm hoping to have some very simple blackwork faux sleeves to go with my court garb ... well, we'll see! Taking A-g-e-s.


Jenny of Cranbrook

Jahanarabanu said...

Greetings unto the group,
Yes there is not much time left before Coronation. I would like to explain that normally a challenge of this nature will run for at least a year. Therefore you have plenty of time to plan a great project for the Crown Principality or to show your pride in the Crown Principality. I would also ask that anyone who wishes to make something for the Crown Principality contact me before beginning their projects. As ID MoAS, i am also the Keeper of Regalia. This means that I have a list of what we have, what needs repair, replacement, etc.

Thank you for your support of our Crown Principality,

Jahanarabanu said...
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Jenny of Cranbrook said...

I guess my posting did sound a little mercenary! Perhaps I should explain: first of all, I'm quite new to the group - less than a year. Second, I made the pomanders to sell while I was unwell for some years with a minor but, until Jan this year, undiagnosed condition. Now sorted! Consequently, I'm now working more frequently and often full-time. So, the sale of the pomanders is no longer so desperate.

It was a genuine (free) offer as I'm aware that I cannot contribute much else, even to the point of having to miss events. No problem if the pomanders are deemed inappropriate as gifts. I do hope to be at the Coronation however. Looking forward to it.

I am interested in knowing more about the regalia, etc but undoubtedly I'll find out later this month!
Yours in Service,

sismith42 said...
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sismith42 said...

Jenny, I think your idea of pommanders is lovley, but I'm not The Keeper of Regalia or anything, so my opinion doesn't really count.

If they never do get back to you (and appologies if they have! I'm still awaiting a response to my email with a similar request... and not seeing a reply to your requests makes me wonder if you've gotten one privatly or if you're like me and still waiting), and you're still feeling generous, you could always give some to the Kingdom-- they, too, constantly require prizes and tokens...

Jahanarabanu said...

Jenny & sismith42,
Sorry for the lengthy delay in reply. I have taken a look at these wonderful items. I agree that these would make wonderful gifts to the Viceregal couple. I hope you will still consider presenting them to Vitus and Guilette, perhaps at Raglan.

Also, I want to take the opportunity to say that everyone's opinion matters :)! As Keeper of Regalia my job is simply to inventory items that should be passed on at Viceroy Tourney. I simply ask that gentles contact me so that I may ensure people do not duplicate work that has already been done! It's not really intention to every tell anyone "No you can't do that!" If either of you have any questions about this, please do contact me at ID MOAS e-mail, which can easily be found on the ID webpage.