Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tapestry weaving update

I've made more progress:
The problem I ran into today is that, since the pattern on the paper behind the weaving is not held close to the weaving, I must lift it near the weaving to decide where to fill with each colour. I discovered today that I must have been holding it weird for much of the left half as now some of the lines don't line up to what I've woven. This isn't really an issue with what I've done so far as I think it looks ok (I'm trying to ignore the not-straight lines), but I'm not sure how to continue. I can't just shift the lines over to the pattern as that would make the lines be crooked. I will have to try to either adjust the lines on the paper pattern or just try to keep the weaving a certain distance from the existing lines.
I think the difference was caused by lifting the paper from the side as I did on the left. I think on the right that I put my hand in under the front of the loom which made the paper lay flatter against the weaving. Since I had a bit of a rough day today, I felt it best to not mess with it tonight.

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Jahanarabanu said...

Heya, it's looking great! As for the problem cartoon problem, have you moved the pins up as you weave?
If not I would suggest drawing in the lines on the left (onto the warp), you could make some minimal adjustments, here and there, as you do this you wouldn't have one big shift in one part of the tapestry. Then pin the cartoon higher up on the tapestry so no so much of the remaining part is sagging. I hope this helps.
Can't wait to see it done!