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Newsletter - Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group - February 2009

Greetings to Everyone,

Here’s hoping that everyone has been making snowmen rather than shivering in the cold!

Following the very interesting discussion on the matter of the Group sponsoring an entry-level A&S competition at Raglan, the event co-ordinators were very obliging as to allow us to organize this. Members of the group seemed to be largely in favour of this, so I will go ahead and have an announcement made at the coming Viceroy tournament and also put into the Baelfyr, text as follows:

“Are you a budding artisan? nervous of entering competitions? Feel in need of advice on how to improve your skill and knowledge?

At Raglan Fair this year, The Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group will be sponsoring an A&S Competition. This will be an entry-level competition aimed at easing the new artisan into competing in the SCA, and to encourage talented people to show off their work thereby inspiring others to try it themselves. All categories of craft are acceptable and are not limited to the Fibre Arts, you may enter anything from Armour to a medieval Zodiac and anything in between.

The requirements are:
- Simple documentation illustrating details about the original, the methods/materials you used to make your piece and why you like it.
- A short email to the Group’s Leader on to advise your intent to enter and what work you will be entering (to make sure that we have someone knowledgeable in that field to talk to you about it!
- A smile on the day!

More information will be published closer to the time.”

If you would like to suggest any changes to the above text, please email me by the 16th February at the very latest.

IDFAIG Matters
It has been commented that the Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts interest group is a bit of a mouthful as far as names go. Whilst we still have to retain the ID portion of the name, how would members feel about changing the name to something a little less unwieldy? The ID MoAS has suggested “Academy” as in “ID Fibre Academy”. Do others have any suggestions? Are you happy with it as it is? All proposals happily received and the outcome will be decided by vote on the blog.

Embroidery Challenge
As posted on the Drachenwald mailing list, the Dragon’s Needle Embroidery Guild have announced the start of their annual Embroidery Challenge. Anyone interested should go to the Guild’s blog for more details:
I would encouraged everyone to contribute towards this and make a good showing from members of Insulae Draconis

Queen’s Basket
Please remember to contribute to this year’s Queen’s Basket, if you can. Some more words from the co-ordinator Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz:

So you have made this wonderful thing that will be part of the Pennsic giftbasket.
But who will ever see the beautiful thing you made and will the recipient know who the artist was?
It is important that you include a note stating at least your SCA name and perhaps an e-mail address so that the Drachenwald Crown can thank you properly for your contribution and if you can – add some details about the materials and techniques used – some documentation is always very appreciated! Your e-mail address will also make it possible for the recieving Crown to send you a thank you note after they have gotten the fabulous Drachenwald giftbasket.

Also, if you make it to Double Wars or if you can send your contribution to the giftbasket with someone attending the event – your item will be put on the giftbasket display!
This is done so that we all will know what great things are being sent off to Pennsic and what skilled artisans this Kingdom has!

Thank you once again for answering this call for aid. Your work is very appreciated!

Meisterine Katheryn Hebenstreitz
Gift basket coordinator
amadejska @ gmail . com

Things to Look forward to in the coming months.

- The first ID University will be held at Protectors in the Spring. Don’t miss your chance to teach a class at this historic event. You all have a skill that you can teach others, so that by our combined effort, ID can retain its reputation for fine artisanship in the Fibre Arts.
- MEDATS have published the details of their Spring Meeting scheduled for the 2nd May. The theme will be Henry VIII: The clothing and textiles of a European Renaissance Monarch. For more information, please visit their website:
- For those not already aware of this, The Costume Society aims to encourage access to costume history (not exclusive to the SCA period). They publish an annual Journal and a biannual newsletter for members. They also organize several symposiums and meetings on different topics. For information, their website is:

Yours in Service,

Melisende Fitzwalter
IDFAIG Group Leader

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