Saturday, 12 June 2010

Calling all embroiderers! The Kingdom Guild is working on a fantastic embroidered wall hanging. this hanging will be composed of every group's arms! many embroiderers have already volunteered, and in some cases finished, several groups arms. I am crossing posting the list of Principality groups here.

The Kingdom Guild is working on a fantastic wall hanging project! I know many of you have already volunteered to help with the Princess' gown, but I hope there are still some embroiderers left to help with the wallhangin! it is already halfway done, but some of our Principality's groups still need volunteers! Please look at the list and contact either myself or Racaire if you wish to volunteer!
Crown Principality Insulae Draconis: Isabella of Vielburgen
College of King's Lake: -
Shire Dun in Mara: -
Shire Eplaheimr: -
Shire Flintheath: -
Shire Glen Rathlin: -
Shire Harpelstane: Amal binti Hamid Al-ChaniaIncipient
Shire Hrafnsborg: -
Shire Klakavirki: Ameline
Shire Mynydd Gwyn: Mary Verch Thomas
Shire Pont Alarch: -
Shire Thamesreach: Tamara
Shire West Dragonshire: -

For the complete Kingdom list see

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