Sunday, 18 April 2010

ID Challenge

What you can do for your Principality you ask?

I recently inquired of our Princess as to what projects she would like to see fulfilled during her time. Here are the things Her Highness is looking for help with:

  • Embroidered Roundels for a dress for Princess Aeringrunnr. Please contact Jahanara if you would like to be put on the list of Interest Group Artisans willing to participate in this project.
  • Principality Banners for your Shire- Their Royal Highness are very aware that travel for themselves and their successors will limit the regalia that They can travel with, therefore They are asking that each Shire/group make a Principality banner that can be used when the Prince and Princess are sitting in State in each Shire.
  • Kneeling cushions- As Duchess Alessandra Melusine reminded us, kneeling cushions also take up quite a bit of space when traveling. Any shires that do not already have a set of kneeling cushions could also provide these items for Their Royal Highness' attendance at Shire events.
  • Largesse-Their Hignesses have noted that the largesse coffers are not as full with the work of our artisans as we might like. They will be giving out largesse as they travel in and out of our lands this Reign. They would very much enjoy being able to give away items that were made by our artisans, so that they might show our wealth in the realms of Arts and Sciences!
I am therefore issuing the following challenge to all members:
It is our first year as a Principality, in order to celebrate our growth, so shall our Shire's artistic holdings grow. Each member is hereby challenged to make or facilitate the making of one of the following; a roundel for Her Highness Aeringrunnr's dress, a Principality banner for your local group, a set of kneeling cushions for your local group, or an item for the Principality coffers.
Those bold enough to accept this challenge are asked to comment here, or e-mail Jahanara will keep a list of challenges accepted on the blog to ensure that efforts are efficiently utilized and not duplicated!

Happy crafting,

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