Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Interest Group Project!

Greeting unto the FIG from your new Group Head,
I have taken on the role of Group Head from Lady Melisende, who did an admiral job of getting us started! We gave already done much to make our populace and rulers proud!
As we all know February will make our elevation to Principality status and our first Prince and Princess will be chosen! I would ask that all interest group members join me in commemorating this ilkustrius event by making a contribution to a largesse basket. I would like all Group Members attending Corinet to take part in giving this largesse to Thwur Royal Highnesses, whomever that might be! please consider making something, even something very small, to help commemorate this momentous event! you can gift something that could be used personally by THes or something that could be passed on to other deserving individuals during their reign. I only ask that if you intend to add to the permanent regalia that you let me know first!

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