Monday, 21 September 2009

Scottish wool brokers now selling online

Greetings cousins from Genevieve,
The Shetland Wool Brokers Jamieson & Smith have upgraded their website to incorporate online shopping! Until recently, you had to phone or send them a cheque.

This is a great step forward for them, but potentially dangerous for your credit cards.

From their website:

"Located in Lerwick, the capital town of the Shetland Islands, Jamieson & Smith, are long established as the islands primary purchaser of the Shetland Wool clip. We annually purchase the raw fleece from over 700 local crofters and farmers.
"A 2009 trading standards investigation into all of the major raw wool purchasers of Shetland revealed that we do, in fact, purchase over 80% of the wool produced in Shetland."


"THE SHETLAND is the smallest of the British breeds, found mostly in the Shetland Islands. It is believed to be of Scandinavian origin, most probably brought to these shores by the Vikings, who settled here over a thousand years ago. They may have inter-bred with primitive sheep already in the islands. This cannot be proved, but they retain many characteristics of the wild sheep. "

If you want Shetland wool for knitting projects, or shetland tops for spinning or dyeing, these are the folk to contact.

They sell a sample card for £5, very useful for identifying their colour range, and the ply of different ranges.

Most of their spun yarn is intended for knitting; I don't know how well it would serve for weaving.

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Jahanarabanu said...

Oh my! You are one dangerous Lady, you know that don't you! I'll have to bookmark this site and keep it in mind the next time I go on a wool buying splurge, which really ought not be for some time! :)