Monday, 3 January 2011

Pennsic Gift Basket Challenge

Greetings unto this illustrious group!
Katheryn Hebenstreitz recently distributed a missive reminding all Artisans that this year the Kingdom of Æthelmearc will host Pennsic 40! As always our King and Queen will travel to Pennsic and exchange largesse with another Kingdom. To date we do not know which Kingdom will receive our largesse basket. However you can still plan and begin to create your donations for the gift basket. Please see Katheryn's guidelines for suitable items.
"Due to luggage limitations we can't transport to heavy or bulky items, but there are lots of small things that can be made that are equally fantastic!
At Double Wars we will have a workshop where we will make items for the giftbasket together.As it looks right now we will make shoulder bags with some small kits fit for a King and a Queen!"
I would like to personally challenge members of the Group to make one item to submit to the gift basket. This is our opportunity to show that Insualae Draconis is home to some of the finest artisans in this fair Kingdom. If you intent to take up the challenge please leave a comment on this post and contact Katheryn Hebenstreitz (


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