Sunday, 5 December 2010

IDFIG Crafts and Carafes

At this past Yule Ball, the attending members of the ID FIG met to discuss ongoing projects, our love of fibre arts and share a few drinks. Her Celestial Highness, Lady Ayesha and Lady Catherine Weaver enjoyed the time to craft and chat together. It is my hope that we can continue such sessions in the future in order to grow our group. I expect to hear from Lady Catherine this week, as she wishes to formally join the group.
I have some newly completed projects to share here. All members present shared excellent projects in various states of completion. Her Celestial Highness was knitting a lovely pair of Viking socks. Lady Ayesha shared a retta that she recently completed. Lady Catherine had a newly woven shawl and was spinning wool!
I hope to see more members at Coronet for the next installment of Crafts and Carafes!

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