Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nalbinding instructional links

Greetings fellow fibre fans, from Genevieve,

I had the happy opportunity to teach nalbinding for the first time in awhile, and was delighted that so many people were interested. I think most folk got the hang of it.
If I can figure out how, I'll post the handout. In the meantime, here are some links of videos for followup, since the handout is mostly background info.

The best way to learn nalbinding, I've found, is by watching someone else work it and following along.

The first and best resource is YouTube: search for 'nalbinding', adding terms like stitch names or techniques (like working on the thumb) to refine your search: example terms include
Danish (two stitches covered in the class)
thumb (for working on the thumb)
Asle (other stitch names, for the adventurous - there are many more!)

One excellent instructional site is also available in German and English:

Another high-quality resource is the nalbinding Yahoogroup. The photos and links alone are worth signing up.

Once you have the hang of the stitches, I recommend this site for sock construction advice, from an English reenactor.

Happy to chat about getting started in yet another addictive and time-consuming fibre hobby, regards,


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Jahanarabanu said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information! One day I'll get back to nalbinding and I know I'll find this useful! I'm sure plenty of others will find it very useful now!