Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tapestry update

I've managed to get some time to work on weaving on my tapestry.
Here is the bottom half completed:

And here is my wyvern. I was not brave enough starting out to add any of the outlining, which is why the chevrons are not outlined. As I got further into the wyvern, I became more brave about outlines and added one and then another, and then most of hte ones that were somewhat horizontal. I still need to go back and add all the outlines that I skipped while weaving. I also need to weave another couple inches of yellow across the top to finish it off. Then it will be fixing some of the color joins where there is a slit in the tapestry at the moment (I really need to talk to Jahanara about that), and hemming the piece.

I think I would choose a different kind of design for my next piece. These large chunks of solid color are boring and also meant that my edges pull in and the entire tapestry will be slightly hour glass shaped which I hope to fix by hemming the sides (which I shouldn't have to do) as well as the top and bottom.


Jahanarabanu said...

That looks awesome, you go girl! Can't wait to see it off the loom and in use!
See ya soon,

Racaire said...