Monday, 2 March 2009

Thank you Siubhan!

I really feel like I was weaving magic this weekend. I made time to do 4 hours of weaving and every moment was magic. Saturday I put on some Jack Johnson, made a cup of tea and went downstairs to get back to this long-term weaving project. I wove for about an hour before Rugy started! I sat at my new bench sang along to the tunes and mindlessly wove along, well partially there was a threading fix, but I hardly even remember that now!

Saturday Siubhan and company met us for Sunday Brunch at our favorite little sleepy cafe, then we came to my house to do a bit more weaving. Three more hours of pleasant much and conversation later I had 4 more inches than I had two days before, which is about 2 diamonds. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have a huge sense of accomplishment from this. I am now weaving about an inch an hour, which is lightening speed in my mind! I’m sure this will improve once, I’m done weaving about 90 inches! I was glad that I was self motivated on Saturday, but I spent a lot more time weaving with someone else to keep me company. It's always better to weave, or craft with friends.

I’ve started looking ahead to the final product, so I have plenty of time to make all the finishing decisions. As this will be a rectangular Anglo-Saxon cloak, which needs to be pined to stay held together, I’m thinking of putting leather tabs, with holes punched in them, to put the cloak pin through. The thought of a pin piercing this precious work just makes me cringe!



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